Don't Know Squat

Well on My Way to 10!

10 miles that is…

I can’t believe I haven’t written about my progress in a month! A lot of things have happened since then.

For one, I started working with two new outside clients. So I am now busy with my full-time job at the gym, plus 3 social media clients! I am loving every minute of my 12-14 hour days though. Seriously. I’m meeting all kinds of new people, and learning a lot more about marketing, real estate and mortgages than I ever thought I would.

My running has come along really nice in the past couple of weeks. My normal workout schedule is usually 4 days of running ( 2 easy runs of about 3-5 miles. 1 speed day. 1 long run) and two strength days.  This past Sunday I managed 8 miles in a 10:18 pace, so I’m feeling pretty confident with a whole month to go before the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler. I have a feeling this is going to be my best race yet.

I took the day off yesterday because I discovered I had an ear infection. I know right? What am I? Eight years old? So I pushed my speed day back to today.  I hopped on the treadmill after finishing most of my work for the day, thinking my run was going to suck because my ear still kind of hurts, and I can’t listen to music because earphones hurt.

Totally wrong. I’m feeling great. I did one mile at 6.1, walked two minutes, two half-miles at 6.5, with two minutes walking in between and after, then four quarter-miles at 7.1-7.3, with walking breaks in between. I finished off the last .15 mile at 7.5.

My endurance is definitely up. I’m hoping for a 9 mile run on Sunday. A distance I’ve never done before a 10 mile race. I’m even starting to think about training for another half-marathon, something I thought I had swore off!

Now off to much on these bad boys that someone made for us to try out at the gym. They are GOOD!